Should I Study a Makeup Course Online Or In-Person?

In recent years, the need to move to online learning throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has seen a rise in enrolment of online courses and subsequently has sparked the debate of whether studying in-person or online is better.

Of course, this depends on the type of course and its demands. Truthfully, choosing whether to study online or attend in-person classes depends on multiple factors such as;

  • Your circumstances
  • Personal learning style
  • Your desired experience


It is important to look at both options comparatively and weigh up their pros and cons when making a decision.

As our world has changed to best suit the challenges we have been faced with, so has the way we learn. Online learning has enabled individuals to continue their studies in the most challenging circumstances, but it has also opened doors for people who need the convenience of being able to study to their schedule.

Why Study Makeup Online?

Individuals who are studying multiple courses, working full-time or are busy parents looking to start afresh may benefit from online courses. Online courses are great for people who want to study on their terms. It means you can manage your time accordingly and study at your own pace, which may be beneficial depending on how you learn. You are also in control of your learning environment, which means you can create a space based on your needs, to best help you learn effectively. Additionally, if you are still feeling nervous about returning to an in-person classroom, learning from your own home provides an extra level of safety, and gives you peace of mind. Additionally, online learning is significantly less expensive to attend than in-person classes. Not just in the initial course cost, but costs associated with travel.

However, although online learning does come with its benefits, it does fall short to in-person learning in some areas. The first, and frankly most important is the lack of in-person, one-on-one training with your lecturer.

Study Makeup in Person

Makeup artistry is a ‘hands-on’ trade, so it is essential to have industry experience when embarking on your career in makeup. Learning through the personal guidance of your instructor is invaluable, and it means receiving a personalised learning experience, rather than just a tutorial. You will receive real-time feedback regarding your work, and you can be immediately assisted with any questions or concerns that you may have.

One-on-One Makeup Training

Additionally, your instructor is an expert in the field of makeup, and thus you gain valuable knowledge and skills by learning first-hand, rather than through a screen. Watching your lecturer work in real-time will give provide you with insight on the entire application process.

As mentioned earlier, being able to practice under the guidance of a mentor is incredibly important to your growth as a makeup artist, so having the opportunity to practice on fellow students or models is an extension of this. Being able to practice on different skin types and tones is essential to becoming a successful makeup artist. The people in your class are from a variety of different backgrounds and areas, meaning that there are many different skin types to practice on to refine your skills.

Furthermore, the classroom environment of in-person classes has been specially designed for optimal learning conditions. At on-site courses, the classroom facilities are complete with everything you would possibly need to learn effectively. These spaces include all the required materials and equipment for makeup application, alongside proper lighting, which is ideal for students wanting to learn in a professional setting, as opposed to online learning where not everyone has access to similar facilities.

Professional Development

Lastly, a structured and fixed learning schedule may help you focus better on your studies. Having dedicated blocks of time to your studies means that you are more likely to concentrate completely on your lessons and take in the information you are learning. Although online learning is great in its schedule flexibility, it also means that you may be more likely to put off lessons on a whim, leading to a decline in productivity and motivation to continue the course in a timely manner. If you are attending physical classes, you’re more likely to take everything in. As they are so immersive and interactive, you are less at risk of being distracted by outside factors such as social media.

When it comes to studying makeup artistry, in-person learning is the most beneficial and effective way to achieve industry-level skills. In-person classes provide time to practice and build skills under one-on-one guidance from a lecturer. This environment provides students with a valuable and uncompromised experience, enabling them to excel at makeup artistry.

Overall, choosing to learn makeup artistry online really comes down to your personal learning style and what you are looking to get out of the course. If you are looking for a more flexible and surface-level experience, then online learning may be a great option for you! However, if you are wanting an in-depth, immersive learning experience, tailored to building valuable industry experience, then attending in-person classes is the way for you.

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